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Karen Carpenter: You Have Been Missed the Last 20 Years

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On February 4, 1983, this world lost one of the most talented and precious voices the world has ever known. She and her brother Richard Carpenter touched us with their unique blend of musicianship, harmonies and SOUND
that captivated us for the brief moment in time in the mid seventies and early eighties.

I was particulary grieved when I heard that she had died because I was only 26 at the time and I admired her in such a way that I felt very close to her, I even tried to find out how I could meet with her and her brother. I never attended any of their concerts, and perhaps that would've given me the opportunity to have met this wonderful brother and sister act.

I only wish I could've met Karen in time to have stopped her horrible bout with anorexia in time so that her heart would still be beating today.

We Love You Karen! and I hope and pray I will see yu in Heaven, since you were an angel and truly sang like one.
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