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Karen Carpenter's SOLO album

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Hi All,
I have been a huge fan of Karen Carpenter's solo album, and I can remember when reading a clip in Entertainment Weekly, that her solo album was going to be released. I was ecstatic, and would wonder what kind of songs she would sing. The weeks went by, and I collected any information and photos in magazines that made mention of it. I hoped that it would be a blockbuster album. The day finally came when it was released and I bought the cassette of it. Karen Carpenter. Her solo album. I finally had it in my hands, and I couldn't wait to get home to hear it.
I was amazed. It was beautiful. My only dissapointment was that there were no good photographs in the album. Or song lyrics. I did like the back album cover, but wished it were in a real photo form and not colored over.
The music was wonderful. I loved ALL BECAUSE OF YOU and the slow, country-jazz feel to it. MAKE BELIEVE IT'S YOUR FIRST TIME was magestic. Oh just wonderful. MAKING LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON was superb. She had remarkable talent. LAST ONE SINGIN THE BLUES was well done for a song where she was singing an outtake, probably to familiarize the musicians with the tempo and style of the song. I was not particularily fond of STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU, STILL CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS or GUESS I JUST LOST MY HEAD, as beautifully as they were done. But the other songs were fine.
I was very impressd and I would have told Karen that she did a great job! If she were alive. And of course the 9 other unreleased songs are superb too. I wonder about the other 2 that no one has heard...Basket Case and Church Choir...Anyone else know about those?

My thoughts,
Cameron Longo
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There are other Alternate Versions , Demos etc Recorded During Solo Sessions , Perhaps Church Choir & Basket Case Are not Considered Releaseable In Current State and Were Not Leaked With Others To Various Fans & Websites ? :sad:

There is a Solo Vocal Version of Making Love In The Afternoon (Sans Peter Cetera) That Would be Interesting To Listen To / Have Released and I am Sure other Versions Unissued to date :)



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Hey, Cam. I couldn't agree more about the disappointing cover art that was used on the solo album. Those photographs of Karen were absolutely beautiful. Why on earth did they decide to make them look the way they did is beyond me. It makes the album look cheap in my opinion.

The solo photo sessions are some of the most beautiful photos of Karen ever. They should have been left looking like actual photographs. The color versions ( showing the violet color of the chair ) or even sepia toned photos would be so much better than what was done to them.

I would go so far as to say that a more brilliant looking cover would have helped the sales of that CD.
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