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Karen in New York

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Hi all,

I'm flying to New York City in September for a short vacation and I was wondering which KC '79 spots I should visit while I'm there.
So far I've come up with only 2 sites:

* (former?) A&R Studio on 48th Street
* Plaza Hotel (does anyone know in which room Karen stayed?)

Does anyone know what other places in The Big Apple she visited while recording her solo album? Or perhaps places where she and Richard had been, e.g. for photo sessions, concerts or TV/radio stations for interviews/appearances? Are there any known pictures of Karen and/or Richard in NYC?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Greg-As for visiting the former 48th St. A&R Studio location-be forwarned that it is indeed a "former" studio and the building currently houses the offices of the NY musicians union, American Federaton of Musicians,Local 802. Checking out their web page,it appears that they are a "business only" operation and,outside of walking by the building,do not conduct tours and possibly allow members only inside the building past a certain point. More info at www.local802afm.org. Mac
This probably won't be a popular reply, but if you're only in New York for a short time, why don't you do some fun things, instead of seeking out places where Karen might have once stood...?

New York is full of fabulous museums, shopping, parks, buildings, sights, restaurants. Rather than spending part of a day looking for a place where a recording studio used to be, go to the Guggenheim Museum and marvel at the architecture and exhibits.

Great things to do in New York City:

The Statue of Liberty
The Empire State Building
The Times Square/Theatre District
Greenwich Village
Central Park
The Museum of Natural History
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Guggenheim Museum
Rockefeller Center

Eat lunch at an interesting-looking restaurant. Wander around in Little Italy or Chinatown. Stroll down Fifth Avenue and look at all the displays in store windows. Hike up Broadway to Lincoln Center and the great record stores on the upper west side.

That's my advice. I'd hate to see someone miss out on New York City because they were looking for Karen Carpenter there...

I read in "NEWSLETTER #66 - January, 1980":
Q. Did Karen visit Studio 54 while in New York? A. She was invited, but had
to decline due to pressure of work.

How about concert halls, Yankee Stadium or shopping at Bloomingdales?

According to newsletters, Karen and Richard performed or would perform at Carnage Hall, Saratoga Springs Performing Arts Center, Onodaga County War Memorial Auditorium, RPI Fieldhouse, Broom City Vets Memorial and Kleinhans Hall in New York. Some concerts might be postponed. (ex. concerts in 1975)

If you are interested in concert halls in New York, here are quotations from newsletters.

NEWSLETTER #80 - February, 1984

Greetings Friends!
I feel this is an appropriate time to share with you the Eulogy given
by one of Karen's other childhood friends Frank Bonito;

I first met Karen in 1960. We moved to Hall Street the summer before I
was to enter 6th. grade.
A concert at Carnage Hall in New York in the early 70's was the first time I
saw the Carpenters perform. I went backstage before the show, and met with
Karen. I hadn't seen her since she left Hall St. It was a wonderful reunion.
She was on her way to becoming an International singing star, but she was
still the warm, naive girl from Hall Street. In many ways Karen was a person
of contradictions. She was a sophisticated woman who mingled with the "Who's
Who" of Hollywood, like Olivia Newton-John, Carol Burnett, the Osmond's etc.
yet she collected Mickey Mouse memorabilia, and treasured every stuff animal
and gifts that fans made for her. Karen never flaunted her wealth and
position. She actually down-played it, and was always sincerely interested
in what was happening in my life. She wanted to know about old school
friends and teachers. She maintained a wonderful child-like quality about

I never really saw Karen as a celebrity. Even when I attended her concerts,
I enjoyed them, but it was the time backstage before the concert, or at a
party afterwards that I enjoyed most. This would be when we would just sit
and talk and catch up on each other's lives.

NEWSLETTER #12 - April, 1972
April 22nd Syracuse, NY, Onodaga County War Memorial Auditorium

NEWSLETTER #17 - September, 1972
Nov. 16th Utica, NY, Memorial Auditorium

NEWSLETTER #25 - May, 1973
July 10-15th Wallingford, Connecticut
July 16-21st Garden State, New Jersey
July 22nd Saratoga Springs, New York

NEWSLETTER #30 - October, 1973
Oct. 20th - Troy, New York, RPI Fieldhouse
Oct. 21st - Singhampton, New York, Broom City Vets Memorial
Oct. 22nd - Buffalo,. New York, Kleinhans Hall

NEWSLETTER #34 - February, 1974
April 7th - Utica, NY
April 8-14th - Westbury Music Fair, NY

NEWSLETTER #37 - June, 1974
In Utica, New York, the new act had shaped up nicely, but a slight mistake
put Tony's guitar out of commission momentarily, and when they left Utica,
the equipment truck broke down, and it was doubtful if they would reach the
opening concert in Westbury on time. Pete and Sill extended their opening a
15 minutes, by which time the truck had arrived. The stage was set up during
a prolonged intermission, and the concert proceeded without a soundcheck.

The changeable weather produced sore throats and fevers among the group but
no show was canceled.

A new grand piano was placed in Richard's room at the Holiday Inn to enable
him to practice for his upcoming Boston concert. Richard and Karen treated
the group to Easter dinner at Burt Bacharach's restaurant, located next to
the Holiday Inn. They were joined by cousin Joan and husband Hank.

NEWSLETTER #41 - February, 1975
July 21-26th Ballingford, Connecticut, Oakdale
July 27th Saratoga Springs, New York, Performing Arts

NEWSLETTER #41 - February, 1975
Just received a copy of the tentative schedule for Europe.
Nov. 7th Amsterdam Concert Hall
Nov. 8th Rotterdarn Dloelen
Nov. 9th The Hague Congress Hall
Nov. 10th Eindhoven Jubilee

NEWSLETTER #42 - April, 1975
Aug. 19th thru 25th - Westchester, N.Y. - Premiere Theater

NEWSLETTER #44 - August, 1975
The next day they hit four states and five cities. Here's how: From
Minneapolis, Minnesota where they stayed overnight, flew to Chicago,
Illinois and from there drove to South Bend, Indiana where they did a quick
sound check at the theater, then on to the Royale Inn where they had day
rooms to eat, shower and change clothes. Back to the theater to stage their
show, after which everyone helped to break stage and pack in record time.
They drove back to Chicago, where they boarded a plane to New York, NY. From
there they hit the trail for Rye Town, Westchester county, where the weary
travelers bed down at the Rye Town Hilton. They placed a big stamp or
approval on the Premier Theater which Richard described as being like a
theater-in-the-round cut in hair, and stage access was excellent. All shows
went well, and WNBC TV came in to tape their performance or "Top Of The
world" which they aired later on the local t.v. news.

NEWSLETTER #48 - May, 1976
August 8th NEW YORK; Binghampton, Broome County Memorial auditorium
August 9th MASSACHUSETTS; Fitchburg, Wallace Civic Center (Tentative)
August 10th NEW YORK; Saratoga Springs, Performing Arts Center

NEWSLETTER #65 - September, 1979
In the meantime Karen has enjoyed her recording sessions in New York, and
was happy to meet Billy Joel and Paul Simon. Her album is progressing well,
and she anticipates it's release early in the New Year.

She returns to New York next month. All the material apart from one oldie
will be original (No Disco!). Karen is unable to confirm at this time any
information regarding a single from her eagerly awaited album, so keep your
eyes and ears open!

She managed to combine business with pleasure and enjoyed watching a Yankee
baseball game with the Ramone family, and a shopping spree at Bloomingdales.

Mom Dad joined Karen in New York, then the trio drove to visit relatives in
Baltimore and Connecticut, where they were introduced to two brand new
members of the family: Cousin Betsy gave birth to an 8 pound 10 ounce
daughter Shiloh, and cousin Paulie a 6 pound 9 ounce daughter Ashley.

Karen made a nostalgic return trip to her old school Nathan Hale, where the
caretaker escorted her to her old classroom. I guess current students were
sorry her visit coincided with vacation time!
Thanks for the tip and the link, Mac!

And don't worry Dan, I have plenty of fun things planned. I've already seen some of the most important things of NYC during my last (and first) visit 2 years ago and now it's time to do some things I didn't have time for back then :)

Seeing the place Karen used to go to for her '79 recording sessions is kind of a big thing for me as I'm quite a fan of the solo album and well, while I'm there in New York, why not take a look at it? It's okay if I won't be able to get in, as long as I get to see the place from the outside. Two years ago I didn't know where to find it, but now that I've got the address... :D

Another big thing is attending a performance by one of my guitar heroes, 88 year old Les Paul with his jazz trio. Suddenly I have to think of Richard's 1976 live version of Piano Picker: "While the other guys were out playing Mickey Mantle, I was home playing Les Paul..."

Furthermore I'll spend my vacation doing a lot of shopping, especially looking for music (old 78s and stuff). And of course some cultural things as well, although I'm not really the kind of guy that visits all kinds of museums... I'd much rather lose my way in the Times Square area, visit jazz clubs in Harlem and elsewhere in Manhattan and uh.... look for places/streets with Dutch names! :cool:

Sakura, thank you so much for the extensive research!! I'll try to filter out what I can use, okay?

Only less than 6 weeks to go and I can hardly wait!!

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