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Karen's Drumming

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Hi All,
One thing that amazes me about Karen Carpenter besides her fantastic singing, was her wonderful drumming. Man, that girl could drum!! I remember watching the First TV Special of the Carpenters(1976), and she does a drum solo that is out of this world. She looks thin but also very pretty, and looks like she is having fun. I have played this many of my friends, including male drummers and they are astounded. I guess they feel shocked that a girl can drum that good, if not better than a guy. My feeling is a drummer can be great, whether they are male or female. I also watched the MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC segment of I'VE GOT RHYTHM, where she drums, and another fantastic drumming sequence. She was awesome. I wish they would release some of these segments on a special DVD among other things...

My thoughts,
Cameron Longo
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