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Karens favorite color


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Does anyone know Karen’s favorite color? I’m sure it’s in the fan club letters but I don’t really have time to go searching.

Carpe diem

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My guess is yellow...She looks lovely in yellow Budokan 72, her wedding shower 1980, and their appearance on The Carol Burnett Show (Superstar) of 1971.

A&M Retro

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She wore yellow quite often! The inside sleeves for ‘Horizon’ and ‘Made In America’ come to mind, plus her karate-styled outfit in the video for ‘Those Good Old Dreams’. She’s also wearing yellow in the 1981 photo used for the ‘Reminiscing’ album cover.


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I remember in 1988 there was a big promotion for the REMINSCING album....and the store Kmart had the LP's, the CD's, the cassettes.....tons of them....and I remember being delighted to see visual clips of them singing their hits....as I had never seen anything visual before....
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