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Karen's solo album- pick of singles

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I was listening to the solo album last night after a couple of months of not hearing it. I was surprised again by how much there is to like on it!

It got me thinking- what was the first single to be?

My choices for singles would be-
1st- "Making Love in the Afternoon"
2nd- "Guess I Just Lost My Head"

If both of those were hits, then I'd pick "Make Believe Its Your First Time" as the last one. These three are not necessarily my favorites on the album, just the ones I think would be most able to crack the pop market.

I would also send "If We Try" as a promo only song to lite jazz radio. Maybe with "This Masquerade".

What do you think?

I really enjoy Karen's album. It's really nice and also it sounds modern today, even with the dance songs.
As singles I'd choose:

1st - If I Had You - A excellent, very well produced songs(though Richard's version is even better) and got appeal and edge for the Top 40.

2nd - Making Love In The Afternoon - I like this one even more, absolutely fantastic, I think it should be the second, since it got a very special guess from Peter Cetera, and the first single should focus more at Karen.

3rd - If We Try - A lovely, warm, always welcome song, even better if released in the winter. Karen's favorite and a gift for C's fans, to show she didn't forget about them, just was trying to do something different.

What a album she made!!!
I too think Making Love In The Afternoon would have been a good single, I'm not sure of the time frame but Peter Cetera did alot of duets, he did one with Amy Grant & was a hit that I still hear on the radio from time to time. I still wonder if Peter & Karen recorded this together or separetly without seeing each other.

I also think for pop song, If We Try & If I Had You would have been good choices.

Wasn't "If I Had You" released as a single? I see it on Ebay from time to time but I don't have the single version.
The single is available in Japan. (But I don't have it.)

If you go to amazon.co.('WELCOME' page), scroll down to 'Our International Sites' and click on Japan, you will go to amazon.co.jp. You can choose 'IN ENGLISH', choose 'Popular Music' and type 'Karen Carpenter' into a search box and click on 'GO' icon. Choose second line under the second 'Karen Carpenter' (95 on the right) and click on 'GO' icon. There are singles first. Seventh or eighth single is "Make Believe It's Your First Time / If We Try". (1996/09/11) ¥903
(There is no photo of single cover.)

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