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🎵 AotW L.T.D. - LOVE MAGIC (SP-4881)

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A&M SP-4881



Kickin Back (Vickers/Davis) 6:08
Burnin Hot (Ray/Davis) 6:05
Cuttin it Up (McDowell) 4:13


Stay on the One ( Davis/McGhee/Carnegie) 4:17
Love Magic (Davis/Wilson) 4:04
April Love (Bennett/Davis/McLeod) 4:25
It Must End (Davis/Hall) 4:29
Now (Willis/Henderson) 3:43

Produced by LTD & Michael Stokes
Released Nov. 1981 -- charted 12 weeks & peaked at # 83
Reissued on CD in 1987 by A&M of Japan & in 2008 by Universal of Japan

Vocals - Andre Ray, Leslie Wilson
Sax - Abraham J. "Onion" Miller Jr., Lorenzo Carnegie
Trombone - Jake Riley
Percussion - Paulinho Da Costa
Drums - Alvino M. Bennett

Bass - Henry E. Davis
Backing Vocals - Marie Marsh, Vesta Williams, LTD
Guitar - John T. McGhee
Horns - Carle W. Vickers
Keyboards - Jimmie Davis

Producer & Arranger - Michael Stokes & LTD
Engineers - Don Han, Al Ramirez, Jack Andrews
Assistant Engineers - Jim Caselli, Steve Sollars
Mastered by - Bernie Grundman
Mixed by - Bruce Swedien

Art Direction & Design - Chuck Beeson
Management by - Hellar-Baker Mgmt.
Recorded at A&M, Magic Wand, and Ameraycan Studios
Mixed & Mastered at A&M Studios.



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Love L.T.D., but I've never actually heard this one. I assume that, without Jeffrey Osborne's presence, the magic's not quite there, but that's just my assumption. Anyone know if this one's any good?

- Jeff F.
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