Lani Hall's Favorite Songs Are?

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    I was always curious if Lani had a favorite song or songs from her days with Brasil 66. Did she also have a favorite album? Maybe Randy Badazz can assist us on this matter. I recall Herb saying on an interview from the radio show Jazz at the Spa circa 2008/2009 that he would like to be remembered by "A Taste of Honey", "Spanish Flea" and "Route 101". So if we got Lani's choices that would certainly complete the circle so to speak.
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    From the thread "Herb Alpert and Lani Hall at the San Diego County Fair June 13, 2018", I noted that Lani said she could not choose favorite songs from her days with Brasil 66, however, she acknowledged the musical greatness of Antonio Carlos Jobim and Edu Lobo.

    Her comments are well taken. Indeed, Jobim is universally considered Brazil's greatest popular composer--and rightfully so. But respect must also be given to Edu Lobo. His body of work is outstanding. Today he may not be known outside of Brazil, perhaps because he never sought the spotlight. He considered himself first and foremost a composer and not a performer. And what a composer he was--in the same orbit as Jobim. His forte was taking the folkloric traditions of northeast Brazil and translating them into extraordinary music. In 1965, Lobo won the first place prize at the Festival of Popular Brazilian Music for his "Arrastao" (For Me). In 1967, he won first place again at the same festival with "Ponteio", probably his greatest composition. In 2009, Rolling Stone Brazil magazine rated the song #46 in its list of 100 greatest Brazilian songs of all time. For your listening pleasure the link below has Lobo performing "Ponteio" at the festival from October 1967. You can feel the energy and excitement on stage and in the audience. It gives me goose bumps. It's Brazilian music at its very best!

    In the same month October 1967, Lani Hall recorded in my opinion her greatest vocal, "Like a Lover", from the "Look Around" album. You can call this a wonderful instance of synchronicity--in South and North America two wonderful pieces of music were being performed at the same time.

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    I agree--I feel he is overlooked in the grand scheme of things. He certainly has recorded a lot of albums, with apparently very few released outside of South America.

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