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Lani or Janis...

Discussion in 'Look Around: Sergio Mendes/Brazilian Music Forum' started by Cannon, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Cannon

    Cannon New Member Thread Starter

    New here ..Thanks for the ad!...Rediscovered B66 a few years ago and in love with their music.I saw this on a closed thread ..I am a musician and pretty good ear and unless it is being done in the studio I think I can hear the difference in their styles...I also saw some one quote Sergio as saying there was a mixture of both on Equinox. This is what I think and I am sure this has been discussed alot. This is just my subjective opinion.

    Lani Hall or Janis Hansen Lead vocal ?

    CONSTANT RAIN: Lani Hall or Janis Hansen Janis
    CINNAMON AND CLOVE: Lani Hall or Janis Hansen Both
    WATCH WHAT HAPPENS:Lani Hall or Janis Hansen Both [Lani first verse Janis second as in the Video]
    FOR ME:Lani Hall or Janis Hansen Mostly Janis
    BIM-BOM:Lani Hall or Janis Hansen Mostly Lani
    NIGHT AND DAY:Lani Hall or Janis Hansen Lani Janis backing
    TRISTE:Lani Hall or Janis Hansen lead in Janis
    WAVE:Lani Hall or Janis Hansen Both
    SO DANCO SAMBA:Lani Hall or Janis Hansen Lani Janis backing [LaLalas]
  2. Cannon

    Cannon New Member Thread Starter

    BTW this is one of the best albums of all time IMO
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  3. Welcome to the A&M Corner Forum. EQUINOX is a delight no matter who's singing what! If you get an opportunity, check out the minor differences in the mono mix of the album. "For Me" has the trailing vocals fade early giving more emphasis to Sergio and the band as it fades. "Constant Rain" is a different edit of the vocals.
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  4. lj

    lj Active Member

    There is something about the Equinox album that makes me play it over and over. Perhaps it is the seamless flow of the album. There is no letdown--every song is equally beautiful and performed beautifully with that Bossa Nova vibe. It is certainly the most relaxing and soothing record in my collection--a certain desert island pick for me.

    At the heart of album is the brilliant vocal duo of Lani and Janis. Their voices compliment one another perfectly with Lani singing at a slightly lower vocal register and Janis singing slightly higher.

    Lani has a most unique vocal sound and was a perfect match for the Brazilian sound. Perhaps that is attributed to her upbringing along the Great Lakes area in Chicago. I should know, as I too was born along the Great Lakes in Cleveland. People in this area speak differently than they do in other parts of the country (although nowadays local speech patterns in the USA are starting to homogenize into one pattern due to modern communications.) Perhaps this "Great Lakes" spoken dialect, which was very prominent when Lani and I were growing up in the 1950s, transferred over in a subtle way into her beautiful vocals.

    Janis had the most sensual voice of all the singers of the various Sergio Mendes group iterations, be it Brasil 66, 77, 88, etc. Her sensuality was epitomized by her lead vocal on the "Look of Love." Her fetching come hither vocal will always be a part of my musical memory. Wow! In 1969, her voice continued to flower with the group The Carnival. In 1971, I bought their only album. In the spring of 1971, the group's last single written by Bacharach and David "Where There's a Heatache" was released and had regular airplay on MOR radio stations in So Cal such as KBIG AM, but much to my dismay it was not to be found in record stores, perhaps because the group was to disband later that year. This was Janis last recorded vocal and her sensuality beautifully shined through as it did with Brasil 66. As the summer waned I had given up hope in getting this record. Then by a fluke in a dime store called Kress (like the now defunct Woolworths) I was rummaging through a rack of miscellaneous 45s, and there it was-- the record, which became a prized record in my collection. That weekend I went up to Glendora to visit relatives. The hospitality was fabulous, the Miller High Life beer flowed freely by the poolside, and all along I kept thinking how blessed I was to have gotten this record. Sweet memories last forever. Rest in peace Janis.
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  5. Bobberman

    Bobberman Well-Known Member

    I will add my name to those who love the Equinox album I was fortunate to get a good clean mono LP122 vinyl copy I couldn't track a stereo copy until I got the verve 2002 CD reissue and it was even better in digital stereo the flow and structure of the songs and musicians including Lani And Janis singing in perfect harmony and form I was 17 when I first heard it and I still enjoy it even more so today it's one of those albums that keeps me feeling young
  6. Cannon

    Cannon New Member Thread Starter

    Got some good head phones and Lani and Janis have 2 distinctive voice patterns. I stand by my opinions... "Watch what Happens" is a great example..Also contrary to many saying all Lani ...Brasil Nut Quoted Sergio " As for Equinox, he said that it is a mix of Janis and Lani, as is Look Around. He didn't say whether Janis was the lead vocalist on "Look Of Love."

    I think I saw on here that Janis herself said that she was lead on Look..I believe that to be the case.
  7. Mike Blakesley

    Mike Blakesley Well-Known Member Moderator

    Yes, it's been well-established here that Janis sang lead on "The Look of Love." When she passed away recently, a family member recounted for us that she was really touched that there was an internet group that knew she sang the song.

    As for "Look Around" (the song), it has always sounded like Lani to me but one never knows, I guess. Their voices are really a lot alike, but despite having heard it hundreds of times, I haven't made a study of their voice inflections.
  8. Cannon

    Cannon New Member Thread Starter

    I think the song "For Me" is another good example.....I love both of their voices ...can really hear the difference in the way each ends a verse...I think he meant the Album rather than the song ...I think that is Lani for sure on the Song.
  9. Cannon

    Cannon New Member Thread Starter

    Also saw where some thought Janis might have done lead on Agua de Beber.....I am only hearing Lani.
  10. Cannon

    Cannon New Member Thread Starter

    I can't listen to anything past B 66..... B 77 like watching a tribute band....just did not have the magic.
  11. Bobberman

    Bobberman Well-Known Member

    B 77 as well as 88 were simply Sergio and the band constantly evolving into various musical directions while they didn't have quite the big impact of Brazil 66 all of them as well as those under Sergio's own name without the aggregations are all wonderful and should be appreciated on their own merits expecting Sergio to keep the Brazil 66 moniker permanently would be almost like expecting Herb Alpert To keep the TJB permanently. both have long past moved on very nicely and on occasions revisit their old music with great results
  12. Steve Sidoruk

    Steve Sidoruk Founder, A&M Fan Net Moderator

    That would be Brasil...

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