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Captain Bacardi

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Larry Carlton
Warner Brothers Records BSK 3221

Released 1978

Peaked at #12 on the Jazz Album chart and #174 on the Billboard 200 Album chart (1978)

Produced and Arranged by Larry Carlton for Larry Carlton Productions


1. Room 335 - 5:37
2. Where Did You Come From? (William D. Smith/Eric Mercury) - 3:28
3. Nite Crawler - 5:19
4. Point It Up - 4:56
5. Rio Samba - 6:54
6. I Apologize (William D. Smith/Eric Mercury) - 4:18
7. Don't Give It Up - 6:04
8. (It Was) Only Yesterday - 4:33

All tunes written by Larry Carlton except as indicated

Larry Carlton - Guitars and Lead Vocals
Greg Mathieson - Keyboards
Abraham Laboriel - Bass
Jeff Porcaro - Drums
Paulinho da Costa - Percussion
Wiliiam "Smitty" Smith - Background Vocals and arrangement
Gerry Vinci - Concertmaster

Recorded and re-mixed at Room 335, Hollywood
Strings recorded at Western Studio #1
Engineer: Larry Carlton
Second Engineer: Steve Carlton
Strings Engineered by Paul Dobbe

Art Direction: John Cabalka
Design: Brad Kanawyer/John Lumkin
All Art: John Lumkin
Back Cover Photo: John Gilbert Gonzales

Special thanks to Louie Shelton, Robben Ford, B.B. King, John Coltrane and everyone at Valley Arts Guitar - L.C.

Available at Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Larry-Carlton...&qid=1404490562&sr=1-7&keywords=larry+carlton

Capt. Bacardi

Captain Bacardi

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After several years of toiling in studio sessions, recording and touring with the Crusaders and playing memorable lead lines on Steely Dan's Aja Larry Carlton comes out with his first major label album. And it's a pretty strong album for the most part. Carlton is an amazing guitarist. He's a horrible singer which brings this album down a notch. But if you skip the hoaky "Where Did You Come From" and the nauseating "I Apologize" you'll find a solid performance. The album opens up with his now-signature tune "Room 335", named after the place of this recording. "Nite Crawler" was recorded on the Crusaders' Free As The Wind album. Carlton really cuts his teeth on the fiery "Point It Up" which is nothing but dazzling. "Rio Samba" has become another live staple at Carlton's shows. I don't know of any guitar player who doesn't have this album in their collection. Good stuff!

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I need to find one of these on vinyl. I only have one of his albums so far. :thumbsup:


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I need to find one of these on vinyl. I only have one of his albums so far. :thumbsup:
I have many of Carlton's albums on CD including this one up to his 1995 CD "The Gift". They are getting very hard to come by these days. But very well worth it i also highly recommend his two mid 80s acoustic Guitar recordings " Alone But Never Alone"1986 and "Discovery" 1987. And his 1989 title " On Solid Ground" where he does awesome covers of Steely dan's Josie and Eric Clapton( aka Derek and the dominoes) Layla. These are just 3 or 4 examples of Larry Carlton's versatility. "VERY VERY FINE MUSIC."
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