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Lockdown stars


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I don’t know what’s happening around the world but here in the U.K. we’ve had lots of music provided via Social media by wonderfully talented people. Two that have stood out for me are...
Katherine Jenkins (mainly classical but fantastic popular music also).
Sophie Ellis Bextor( pop/disco ) has unique vocals.
They have both provided regular concerts for free and look to have enjoyed every minute! Both have children who have been included throughout, particularly Sophie’s “kitchen Disco”! Her 5 children have made regular appearances.
I think had Karen been with us in these difficult times and had a family, she would have done something similar with her family. I can’t thank these two ladies enough for keeping my spirits up and thousands of others during this awful pandemic.


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Mary Chapin Carpenter has been doing Songs From Home each Sunday since March. She has done 48 so far. Her dog typically makes an appearance; her cat, being a cat, is usually off sleeping. My favorite song of hers, if you care to listen.


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Look up Raul Malo and Quarantunes on YouTube. Raul recorded some music at his house earlier in the year, some with his family, or with a guest who was living with them at the time. Their version of "Ventura Highway" is a nice one.



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Some of us here have been listening to the British singer Harriet. She's done some Facebook events this year. Now she's going to have a virtual concert with her band on Dec 20th. Tickets are on sale.
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