Manhattan Transfer and Herb Alpert & Lani Hall in Concert

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    I am a fan of the Manhattan Transfer and so I went to their website and discovered that there will be a double bill show with Herb and Lani. I have seen the Transfer twice and they put on quite a show with the kind of music that Herb and Lani perform, i.e., the Great American Standards, some jazz and even Brazilian tunes. This would truly be a double treat and you would get your money's worth twice. Refer to the link below for more details, but in short they all will be at Clearwater Florida on Dec. 8, Naples Florida Dec. 9, and LA on Dec. 20.

    Tour Dates
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    Clearwater is not that far from here - about an hour and a half if the traffic's decent, which it's not at present. But we've got a lot of stuff going on around here this week that I cannot ignore.
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    That would be an excellent pairing, not to be missed. Sad that Tim Hauser is no longer with us, but also glad that the group chose to continue without their long-time leader.
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    MT performed with the Knoxville (TN) Symphony on 2-4-2012. My first and only time to see them. Hope there's an extension of the joint show schedule. Very grateful to see Mr. Hauser while I had the chance.

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