Memorabilia: photos of artists and A&Mers from the archives


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Welcome to the Forum Marcus and Wow Great photos Thanks for sharing your contributions are a Great Addition and a valuable asset to the Forum

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Wow, that’s most impressive. What a fun time then. Everything was so much fun and over the top. I miss those days, and the NARM Conventions. The parties, food, and entertainment were first class. There were a ton more labels back then, so more suites in the hotels. Especially in Los Angeles and Miami.
Yes it was fun, but then we were doing a fantastic job for the artists, selling millions of records and earning them proper money. Gosh, maybe A&M Records made some money too. We were a real industry. Such a shame that the Apple, Amazon and Spotify revolutions were started by the record industry giving away music for free at the beginning of the internet. Now most artists can only make money in live performances.

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Welcome! What a great collection of pictures.

I've followed A&M Records since 1964, when I bought Herb's "South Of The Border" album. Such a notable history of a special company and so many fans here that have followed it for so long. Just an amazing story!


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Hi Mr.Bicknell! Thanks for sharing those great photos of your days at A&M! I'm presuming that you held an important position at the label, am I correct? Were you an executive at A&M? I see that you went around the world with these great and now legendary artists, and with the co head honcho to boot(Jerry Moss)! Forgive my naivete, but I didn't know that the founders of a record label would going around internationally with their artists even after the label has been well established. You would think that the staff under the founders of the company would be doing most of the "foot work" so to speak, while the bosses of the label would be staying home taking care of business at the company headquarters.

But here's Jerry Moss with you(as well as Herb Alpert) accompanying the label's artists on their tours to make sure it seems that everything's alright and things are running smoothly for the performers, and doing business internationally over all.

Again, thanks for the pictures and could you in the future share some stories(not gossip!) about your days at A&M? A lot of us here at the Corner would like to hear about these things because it seems that A&M was a fun and great company to work for where people truly got along and was well paid to boot. Just like it should be at EVERY company that we as Americans(and people the world over) work for. But what do you expect from a company run by these men: Alpert, Moss and Friesen? From what I understand, good things.

Thanks again, Mr. Bicknell!


Not gold records for everyone. This photo and our body language relates the parlous state of media reaction for Herb's work late 70 and early 80s and negligible record sales. God knows we tried. Take your hands out of your pockets when you're talking to the founder...! Who knitted me the A&M sweater?
I don’t understand... Wouldn’t that of been the Rise period? 🧐
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