"Memories of Madrid" & "More and More Amor" best songs by Sol Lake*

Ruud Stuurman

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Has anyone ever rounded up a list of Sol Lake songs around here? I thought we might have done it many years ago, but with my memory being what it is... :laugh:

"Lonely Bull" started as "Twinkle Star." It makes me wonder what Lake's original demo of it might have sounded like. Herb's "bullfight" treatment gave it a different feel, no doubt! But imagine it being played as a solo piano piece, and it really does have a nice melody to it. I could probably say the same for "A Quiet Tear," if the somewhat bombastic arrangement is stripped away.
"A quiet tear" was not written by Sol Lake, but by Herb Alpert himself I believe.


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Sol Lake was Truly a Great Song writer and a True Asset to the Success of the TJB and always will be it's unfortunate that we never got to know more about him in his own right
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