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Memory Lane - American Airlines A&M Program*

Why is vintage/retro stuff just so cool?
Sometimes I just like the style of something from the past. I was past the age of mid-century modern in home decor, but it's one of my favorite looks. Same with art deco. I like the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and would take it over anything built today. (I'm surprised that style hasn't made a comeback.)

For other things in life, it's what Harry said (good memories of the past), plus it's also a reminder of how things used to be in society and also in entertainment. Just one example--I've been looking back at old clips from the Tonight Show over the past couple of weeks, and there hasn't been a show like it. With items that have been in the family for at least a generation, it also brings back memories, plus we now get a sense of what the item meant to whoever kept it previously.
I was gazing over that track list again, since I hadn't seen it for a while ... I noticed that once again, Sergio's "Scarborough Fair" is listed as "Scarborough Fair/Canticle," when the "Canticle" part is a totally different piece of music that is not included on Sergio's version. I'm surprised that mistake happens so often, but since the Simon & Garfunkel version was the biggest hit, I guess it's not THAT big a surprise.

Just one example--I've been looking back at old clips from the Tonight Show over the past couple of weeks

It's amazing what old goodies you can find. Tonight Show and Letterman clips are great fun. A few months ago I got to remembering how I used to set my VCR to record the "ABC Professional Bowlers Tour" on Saturdays and I'd watch it when I got home from work. I was thinking, "I wonder if any of those shows are on Youtube?" So I did a quick search.... turns out most, if not all of them are there. Video quality is all over the place of course, but it's been fun watching some of those old episodes. Nelson Burton Jr. and Chris Schenkel made a great broadcasting team. Some of them even have the original commercials still in place.
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