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Merry Christmas

Simon KC1950

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Merry Christmas to you and all the members of this forum !

I opened one of my gifts sent to me by one of my Carpenters friends... This friend from Japan kindly sent me some items from Ginza Yamano music where she was one of the lucky fans to see Richard perform that mini concert. She gifted me a copy of the album (I'm listening to the bonus track on repeat now!), the packaging is so much nicer than the UK copies. She also sent some A4 sized leaflets/booklets that were at the venue and a copy of that radio interview on CD.

Ps. Nice video... I've heard that song before, on the Sinatra Family Christmas album, it was sung by Frank jr.

Have a lovely Christmas all !


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“Some Children See Him” I’ve heard on Evie’s 1977 “Come On Ring Those Bells” Christmas album. Had Karen lived, it would’ve been nice to have heard her sing the 1991 song “Mary Did You Know?”

Merry Christmas!
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