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    Hi guys how have you all been? I found the song Mexican shuffle on you tube someone uploaded the song in DDS stereo just go to you tube and type in Mexican shuffle and it will be the first post. so since the laws change like the weather, I talked to a person who knows the laws told me if anything is altered with out the permission from the owner which I believe would be herb himself would voilate copyright laws. and I do not know if this topic was addressed before.
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    Stuff gets altered without permission of the owner all the time -- I think it's up to the owner to make a beef with Youtube and get it taken down if they so desire. So many "copyrighted" songs get put up by apparent everyday users and don't get challenged -- I think it's just because there are so many of them, it would be impossible to keep up with unless you had a staff dedicated to that job.
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    thanks mike for your answer
  4. The "legalities" of Content ID seem to have more to do with how much the third-party webcasting venue (YouTube/Facebook/etc.) *themselves* can AVOID having to pay the artists or labels part of the cut for "exhibiting" it...than: believing the average, private user (uploading a very lossy sample in most cases) is somehow pretending to be the "owner" of a vintage work and up to some sort of pirating chicanery.
    I (once) had a Facebook Beatles-related page dedicated to the history of the old-school Capitol albums and their different mixes. However, I tried to make my page standout above the others by including AUDIO. Funny story: I got the first seven minutes (three songs) of MEET THE BEATLES through FB's system without changing anything about the sound --- except: I ran the signal source through a Dolby processor and paused the video for a second between each track before starting the next one. The "fancy Content ID" must've thought it was ONE, GIANT SONG rolled together! No notification warning at all.

    What they DID say (which just got me so p.o.'d after awhile), was: THEY would hassle me to take THEIR advertising fee to "boost" my posts and, it looked so pathetic (on their part...honestly, like a cheap suit salesman!) that I got rid of the page because they'd just kept clogging my newsfeed with these vulgar ad requests (I [email protected]#: $3 to reach 100 people?...I cross-posted the video myself to a Beatles group I'm in and got A 1,000 VIEWS in a day!). However, I then discovered that if you -as a page manager- try to disable FB's ad settings (for a PAGE)...they'll think they're so clever by: (now) denying your page what they call a "platform" (so, that, if you try to upload a video or go live CAN'T do it under the banner of your page anymore). I figured: the hell with them.

    As for YT: I have no use for registering a Google account because I don't trust their tracking techniques one bit.

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