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While looking through a bunch of old cassettes, I found one that I'd made when we got information back in 1997 about a proposed Herb Alpert compilation that Polydor was going to release in various Latin American countries. The series was called "COLECCIÓN MI HISTORIA", and a number of Latin artists got an entry in the series, including Sergio Mendes.

The rumors swirled about the Alpert compilation, because back in 1997, there just wasn't much in print at all. At that time, you could find copies of WHIPPED CREAM, maybe THE LONELY BULL, and not much else (on CD).

Information was released regarding the proposed track list, and it was from that that I'd thrown together my own cassette copy of that playlist. It was an odd assemblage of tunes, totally a combination of tracks from the first TjB GREATEST HITS and four tracks from FANDANGO.

Herb apparently squashed the deal due to his ongoing lawsuit with Polygram/Universal and the compilation was never released.

Just for posterity, I present the track list here again, since the old board with the information is long gone, and it's now easy for many of us to make our own compilations on CD-R:

Herb Alpert

Track list:

1. Fandango
2. A Taste Of Honey
3. Mexican Shuffle
4. Zorba The Greek
5. South Of The Border
6. Coco Loco (La Guajira)
7. Whipped Cream
8. Spanish Flea
9. The Lonely Bull
10. Quiereme Tal Como Soy
11. Tijuana Taxi
12. Angel

And, just for fun, I created a makeshift cover using other MI HISTORIA covers as templates. The fonts for "Herb Alpert" aren't quite authentic looking, but then this isn't an authentic compilation either.


(Sorry, it really is plug-ugly, isn't it?!)

Ugly? Maybe, but authentic! (I think I have the Ray Conniff "Mi Historia" someplace meself...) This could set off another "ugly covers" thread; CDS instead of LPS this time.
I still see this listed on some discographies too. It looks like they never got the news that this was cancelled.
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