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Misheard Lyrics Fun!

Billy Rees

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Another one that I couldn't understand for a while was the chorus to Sweet, Sweet Smile...

I gotta know that you love me
And that you want me
And that you'll always be there
I've gotta know that you care
And I gotta feel your arms a-runnin'


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I'm fascinated by these threads lately. Wow interesting discussions here.
Amazing... the different ways people can interpret music.

I like "Tumtimes" in Crystal Lullaby. That was a mistake in the recording and later corrected.
I wonder if some of these mishearings have to do with the way the technology was at the time.

Also, regional dialects play a part (Karen had a New England accent).
You'd think with the style she sung in and the way Richard brought up her voice would make things clearer.
Lol but here we are 50 years later still figuring stuff out. :razz:


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I imagine that with many other singers the situations is much worse.
Yup, much worse for Ozzy Osbourne, Shaggy, Rihanna, Prince, Bob Dylan... just to name a few. Lol
Ozzy ranks highest in the category of misheard artists.

Accents have something to do with it, and the kind of style and lifestyle of the artist as well.

I don't think you could mishear anything on The C's RPO album though... not sure how you could. Vocals sound clear to me. :laugh:

Martin Medrano

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I could never figure out if karen sang oh how i long to find a place to hideaway or was it for how I long to find a place to hideaway.


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For 20+ years I thought the opening line of "Love Is Surrender" was:

"Talk about love, how it fades like a fleet..."

It made perfect sense in my head because I pictured a fleet of ships sailing away and fading into the horizon. I thought it was a beautiful metaphor. I also equated it to the expression "love is fleeting."
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