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Music: Volume 2

Discussion in 'The Beat of The Brass: Herb Alpert/Tijuana Brass' started by AM Matt, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. AM Matt

    AM Matt Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Herb's "Music: Volume 2" will be out in July or August of 2018. Randy "Badazz" Alpert told me that this is the best that Herb has done since the early 80's!! Matt Clark Sanford, MI
  2. Nathan Strum

    Nathan Strum Active Member

    Fantastic! I'm just loving all of the music Herb's been creating in recent years, and can't wait to hear what's next!
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  3. DeeInKY

    DeeInKY Well-Known Member

    This is so amazing! Something to look forward to!
  4. Bobberman

    Bobberman Well-Known Member

    Yes indeed This is Truly Something to look forward to.
  5. toeknee4bz

    toeknee4bz Well-Known Member

    Well if it's anything like MUSIC Volume 1, I'll be playing that CD over and over and over in my car during my commute. If CDs got physical wear the same way records and tapes did, I would've worn out my copy a couple of times by now. Definitely exciting!
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  6. Bobberman

    Bobberman Well-Known Member

    That's one big reason why I preferred Cds over Vinyl and Tapes in my experience they haven't let me down in that department and I'm glad I have All of Herb's albums On Cd ( Except JYAM Is On A needlework CD from vinyl) a goal which seemed impossible just over 15 or more years ago has finally been achieved. And as long as Herb keeps recording my first choice will always be CD until they phase them out and then it will have to be downloads
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  7. LPJim

    LPJim Well-Known Member Moderator

    In Nashville Herb told the audience he wasn't sure whether he would use the 'VOLUME TWO' title again for the next studio album, since there was a TJB VOL 2 already. It gave me a crazy idea.

    Some may recall the Traveling Wilburys, that super group made up of Dylan, Petty, Harrison, Orbison, Lynne, etc. They did only two albums .... VOLUME ONE and VOLUME THREE. There was no 'two.' It heard this was an inside joke of some kind.

    If so Herb's got a great opportunity to carry the tradition forward.

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  8. toeknee4bz

    toeknee4bz Well-Known Member

    Same here. As for JYAM, I'm ok with my needledrop CD-R copy. However, if it were ever released officially, I'd still spring for a digital copy.
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  9. toeknee4bz

    toeknee4bz Well-Known Member

    No need. Just rip your CD tracks to computer files and there you have it. I did this with my needledrop CD-R tracks as well. Nowadays I only play my CDs in the car, and I actually haven't played vinyl in years.
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  10. Bobberman

    Bobberman Well-Known Member

    Same Here it would be a nice finale ( The frosting on the cake so to speak)

    and although I ripped many Cds to my laptop when the ripper was still functional and I bought a new SD Card almost a year ago after I bought my new tablet and copied my laptop music files to it however im still open to find another way to rip the rest of my collection to a device with much more storage 12.921 songs are just a drop in the bucket because there's much more I have on CDS that I haven't got to yet
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  11. JUST YOU AND ME was a 1976 Herb Alpert album that has never been re-released in any form. It was his first solo album, a rather personal affair after the death of his father, his marriage to Lani, and the birth of Aria, his daughter.
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  12. David S

    David S Active Member

    Music - Volume, Too. But I like the Traveling Wilburys model as well. The whole TW idea was a big inside joke between them all, including Jim Keltner.

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