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Musical "Yesterday, Once More"

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Yesterday, Once More
Nov.24 - Dec.13

By: Pauline Braithwaite and Greg Poulin
Music by The Carpenters
Directed By: Jamie J Bourget

Yesterday, Once More is a new musical that takes audiences back to the
‘classic’ years of rock’n roll with two of the music industry’s foremost
talents – Richard and Karen Carpenter. You know their music, now follow
them from grade school to Richard’s first band; Karen’s first vocal
audition to their historic signing with A&M Records, which launched their
careers into musical history. Experience their whirlwind descent into
grueling tour schedules, drugs and Karen’s deadly eating disorder.
Yesterday, Once More follows the record-breaking success of the Carpenters’
careers. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the trials, turmoil, rewards and
accomplishments that made the story of their lives, legend. Featuring a
dramatic mix of words, lyrics and music, Yesterday, Once More brings to the
stage, all your favorite Carpenters hits – “Close to You”, “We’ve Only
Just Begun”, “Top of the World” and many more. Relive these years
through the eyes of two musical giants – Richard and Karen Carpenter – The


Is it the same as the play of the topic '"Yesterday Once More"
on internet Radio (BBC on Demand)'
(Landmark Theatre, The Promenade, Ilfracombe
Thursday 18th September)?

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