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My brother Mike got upset with me this morning about my Twitter webpage & found out that I put down my name & which city, town or village that I live in!! I just posted this afternoon on A&M Corner about the late Cokie Roberts & I decided to NOT write my name anymore after that or from where I live. From now on, I will NOT write my name or from where I live!! :tsk::exactly:

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Why not? Are you in hiding? :D

I guess I'm not saying you SHOULD put your name and hometown out there freely, but seriously, your name and where you live is probably already in about 10,000 places. I mean, do you ever receive junk mail from the post office, or subscribe to any magazines? Or have you ever done any shopping online? Then that name and address genie is long out of the bottle.

Your Social Security number, driver's license number, date of birth, mom's maiden name, passwords, etc., keep a good lid on that kind of stuff. Don't click on links unless you know exactly where they lead, especially email links. Don't download illegal movies or music. Don't volunteer your personal information unless you started the transaction. And keep a backup of your important computer files. If you follow these rules you'll avoid about 99.9% of trouble.
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