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New cover version of Merry Christmas darling.

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Not sure whether there is a post for cover versions but a friend just showed me that Emeli Sande and Timi Dakolo have recorded a duet version of Merry Christmas Darling for Timi's new Christmas album .It is also the title track of the new album.
There is a video on youtube but can't seem to get it to attach.
Never heard it as a duet before.


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I sort of prefer these covers when the artists do it in their own "style" rather than trying to reproduce the original Carpenters version. I heard on the radio, the other night, Mary Christmas Darling done by someone named Christine (or Chirstina?) Perri? Never heard of her, so I might not have her name right...anyway, the arrangement was an exact copy of the C's original down to the sax solo and background vocals. I liked, it, don't get me wrong, but I prefer these more "unique" arrangements where it takes the song to places one never knew where it could go. It's the mark of a truly great song...which this is.


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There is another cover version out..,with a tribute album coming in the spring. Katie Peslis, who is Sandi Patty’s daughter in law and is friends with Randy Schmidt. @close2u
She did a nice job!!
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