New Herb Album Due 9/30/22

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Title: Sunny Side Of The Street
Label: Herb Alpert Presents

Herb Alpert, the prolific Tijuana Brass titan, returns with his latest studio effort, Sunny Side Of The Street. This new set of 11 songs contains gentle ballads like "Childhood" and "Time After Time", upbeat romps like "Pata Pata" and "Tickle Time", and covers of classic songs like "I'll Remember You" (of Kui Lee/Don Ho/Andy Williams/Elvis Presley fame) and Louis Armstrong's "On The Sunny Side Of The Street". Few artists in the history of American music have been able to stay relevant decade after decade like the 87-year-old Alpert. So, put on your shades and take a walk with Herb on the Sunny Side Of The Street.

1.1 Childhood
1.2 Pata Pata
1.3 Goo Goo Eyes
1.4 I'll Remember You
1.5 Tickle Time
1.6 Time After Time
1.7 Sneaky Pete
1.8 Going Out of My Head
1.9 Here She Comes
1.10 Just a Dream Away
1.11 On the Sunny Side of the Street

Mike Blakesley

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Cover art looks like a photo of Herb with one of his artworks integrated into it. I like this album cover better than his last couple. It'll be interesting to see what he does with "Going Out of My Head."

When I was taking keyboard lessons, I played "On the Sunny Side of the Street" as a recital piece on the Hammond organ. I've always liked that song.


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WOW it will be interesting to hear how he works "Pata Pata" I first heard Wes Montgomery's version as heard on the 87 classics compilation and if time after time is the same one Chris Montez covered that will also be interesting either way I look forward to adding this to my complete Alpert collection


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I first became aware of a song called "Pata Pata" when it was included on a Warner Brothers compilation just called THE GREATEST HITS VOLUME ONE. It was by Miriam Makeba and had lots of clicky sounds in it!


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