New Herb Album 'On The Sunny Side of the Street'

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Title: Sunny Side Of The Street
Label: Herb Alpert Presents

Herb Alpert, the prolific Tijuana Brass titan, returns with his latest studio effort, Sunny Side Of The Street. This new set of 11 songs contains gentle ballads like "Childhood" and "Time After Time", upbeat romps like "Pata Pata" and "Tickle Time", and covers of classic songs like "I'll Remember You" (of Kui Lee/Don Ho/Andy Williams/Elvis Presley fame) and Louis Armstrong's "On The Sunny Side Of The Street". Few artists in the history of American music have been able to stay relevant decade after decade like the 87-year-old Alpert. So, put on your shades and take a walk with Herb on the Sunny Side Of The Street.

1.1 Childhood
1.2 Pata Pata
1.3 Goo Goo Eyes
1.4 I'll Remember You
1.5 Tickle Time
1.6 Time After Time
1.7 Sneaky Pete
1.8 Going Out of My Head
1.9 Here She Comes
1.10 Just a Dream Away
1.11 On the Sunny Side of the Street
Cover art looks like a photo of Herb with one of his artworks integrated into it. I like this album cover better than his last couple. It'll be interesting to see what he does with "Going Out of My Head."

When I was taking keyboard lessons, I played "On the Sunny Side of the Street" as a recital piece on the Hammond organ. I've always liked that song.
WOW it will be interesting to hear how he works "Pata Pata" I first heard Wes Montgomery's version as heard on the 87 classics compilation and if time after time is the same one Chris Montez covered that will also be interesting either way I look forward to adding this to my complete Alpert collection
I first became aware of a song called "Pata Pata" when it was included on a Warner Brothers compilation just called THE GREATEST HITS VOLUME ONE. It was by Miriam Makeba and had lots of clicky sounds in it!


Hi-Res (24/96) and standard (16/44.1) versions already on Qobuz this morning, waiting for me in my Roon library.
I listened to "Sunny Side Of The Street" today on Spotify. It is really a very varied album with beautiful ballads, songs in the TJB tradition, reggae rythms and funky grooves, and on the title song Herb even sounds a bit like Louis Armstrong in a wonderful duet with Bill Cantos on the piano. Jeff Lorber's signature organ is heard on several songs. Hussain Jiffry plays bass on most songs while Gary Novak and Sergio Gonzalez (Here She Comes) play the drums. After only one listen Here She Comes, I'll Remember You, Childhood and Time After Time stand out as favourites.

- greetings from the north -
Now I'm told Sunday for the CD. Probably a result of things slowing down due to the hurricane aftermath.
I just ordered my CD copy today estimated delivery according to Amazon Tuesday the 4th however my deal came with an auto rip so I also have the Mp3 version of the album ( for my tablets and computer) the download sounds decent and very acceptable on my system the CD will be used for my radio show the whole album is awesome there are several standouts I find myself repeating but Herb is still at the top of his game.
I listened to it on Amazon Unlimited here at work today. It has a lot of good moments. Was nice to hear a little vocalizing in the mix - first from Lani and then from Herb later on. I like "Pata Pata," "Here She Comes," and "Childhood" the best so far. I'll probably give it a further listen when I get time to pay closer attention.
Thanks for the reminder Bob, I too had an Autorip for this, so I can listen now even if the CD won't get here till Sunday.
Just received the cd today (I also got it from a certain onlne retailer and had the autorip but did not partake of that). Whilst ripping to out to my digital music player, I got to channeling my inner Jerry Moss and thought , "Hmmm, Sunny Side of the Street"...he ought to do any album with the sun as the theme...Hmmm...

  • Save the Sunlight (which he's done before and he likes repeating himself or revisiting tunes; a personal favourite of mine)
  • Sunshine of My Life
  • Sunshine on My Shoulders
  • You Are My Sunshine
  • Ain't No Sunshine (which he's done before and he likes repeating himself or revisiting tunes)
  • Good Day Sunshine (he seems to like the Beatles...)
  • Sunny (TJB notably covered this)
  • Soak Up The Sun (Sheryl Crow tune - and she was an A&M artist)
After two passes, I would say that its predecessor Catch The Wind was a better overall “record” (and that was a decent release). It doesn’t come close to Steppin’ Out, or Second Wind, or Fandango, or Rise as an overall album. There seems to be an attempt at a TJB vibe that doesn’t quite work. Maybe it’s just that I don’t live for him sounding like the TJB (records of which I certainly like). I am not much for vocals, too. However, there are tracks here that don’t have that “programmed” sound and that’s a certain relief.

He sounds good - amazing for the man’s age - but I am sure that current recording technology also helps along these lines.

I do like that he has work with Lorber here, who I think compliments him well (as noted on Second Wind, of course).

All-in-all, this one is probably being filed here in the very occasional play along with Over The Rainbow, In The Mood, Human Nature, and Colors.
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I wish there was a way to access the liner notes and credits etc. on the web somewhere. (Or is there?)
I wish there was a way to access the liner notes and credits etc. on the web somewhere. (Or is there?)
Sometimes with downloads, I can view the PDF file containing the booklet. But it depends on the label and/or distributor--if they don't provide a PDF to Qobuz or other streaming companies, then naturally there's no way to view it.

This is one with a PDF provided (as ECM provides them with many of their releases)--I see there's a PDF both in the download I purchased as well as the streaming version on Qobuz:


Nothing for Herb's title. I also checked the credits right in Roon Player, and all it gives credits for are the composers.
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