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New Jackie DeShannon Compilation featuring the C's

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by vze4rkna, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. vze4rkna

    vze4rkna Member Thread Starter

    A new Jackie comilation, "She Did It! The Songs of Jackie DeShannon Vol 2"

    It wasnt too difficult to pull another collection of prime Jackie DeShannon copyrights together in order to assemble an eagerly-anticipated second volume of Jackie's songs for Ace's Songwriter Series. As ever, the hardest job for the compilers was to decide what to include now and what to save for another time.

    She Did It is a fine follow-up to Break-A-Way and will appeal to everyone who bought and raved about the first volume.

    As before, we have chosen songs for She Did It which cover Jackie's whole career. The final listing was approved by Ace fan-and-friend Jackie and includes several tracks of her suggestions. In the course of our research we have unearthed many rare gems that have not been on CD before and only two tracks have appeared previously on Ace. We have closed the compilation with a never-previously-heard demo from Jackie's personal archives, sung by the lady herself.

    Comprehensive notes from Ace's Mick Patrick and Tony Rounce and world-renowned Jackie DeShannon expert Peter Lerner, along with the inevitable bonanza of label shots, photos and assorted ephemera will make this a must have for any serious student of great pop songwriters of the 20th - and in Jackie's case, 21st - century.
  2. It's been out for six years - came out in 2012.
  3. vze4rkna

    vze4rkna Member Thread Starter

    Thanks Harry...I missed that! I had just never seen or heard of this before and I have just about every disc!


    `Boat to sail seem`` an odd choice to include. not saying it`s a bad choice, just odd!

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