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New Release - If I was asked to create


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In case Universal or Richard would ever call to ask me to put together a new album….I thought I should be prepared. J I don’t usually go so detailed on stuff anymore. Used to, but haven’t for a while and decided it would be fun to think about.

The album would be released as streaming, download, CD and double vinyl.

The vinyl would be pressed by one of the following, since Universal seems to not press vinyl well.


Music on Vinyl

Craft Recordings

I’ve purchased records pressed by each of these and they are GREAT!! More on the vinyl colors later…

The album would be gatefold with glossy paper with the logo in black ink. The cover photo would be the one with Karen in an orange dress seated in a white chair with Richard standing behind. The back cover would be the “Reminiscing” cover in yellow and white. Inside the jacket there would be four photos taking up the entire space.

1. From the same shoot as the Lovelines cover. It is in Randy’s book Illustrated Discography pg 115, also in Mike and Chris’ book, pg. 204

2. Rolling Stone cover

3. Photoshoot of Karen’s solo album with red jacket and big hair. Not the over the shoulder one, but straight on.

4. another from Randy’s book, Chapter 18, page 167

The inside dust jackets would have lyrics, info and more pictures, a nice lightweight card stock

The vinyl would come in various colors, depending on where purchased and would all be 180 gm, AND would be perfect!!!!

Amazon – black

Carpenters site – Orange Marbled

Barnes and Noble – Split vinyl orange/yellow

Target – one translucent orange one translucent yellow

Target would have an exclusive. New pressing inside of Close to You 7” orange vinyl and the cover would be one of the photos I have seen with Karen wearing a pink headband.

Richard would use the same program that brought Karen’s voice forward in the RPO albums – so any place I say vocals cleaned up, etc. that is what it means

Album 1

Without a Song – just Karen and Richard the intro part

Bless the Beasts and the Children – soundtrack version

Alternate take of Close to You

MMM Medley

I Won’t Last a Day – Karen’s cleaned up vocal and Richard playing new piano accompaniment

Karen/Ella Medley

Tryin’ to Get the Feeling- vocal cleaned up

Medley from Make Your Own… vocal cleaned with new piano by Richard and new segues

Rode Ode – vocals cleaned

Can’t Smile without you – b-side 74-78 version

Album 2

I Can’t Make Music – cleaned up vocal with new accompaniment of Richard playing piano

New piano medley by Richard of NON Carpenters songs- his own spin

And When He Smiles – cleaned up vocal

Make Believe It’s Your First Time – solo version

Something’s Missing – unreleased solo

Last One Singing The Blues- cleaned up vocal

A Song for You – cleaned up vocal

When Time Was all we Had – Richard from Time

Please Mr. Postman – Karen’s vocal with new accompaniment by Pentatonix

This Masquerade – Karen’s clean up vocal – new accompaniment with Take 6

Sweet, Sweet Smile – Karen’s vocal with new accompaniment by a blue grass band – I don’t know names

Karen’s Theme



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Ok, here's my idea:

Title of the album:

Carpenters: Prime Time Love

Format to be released: Vinyl, HDCD, DualDisc, Digital

Artwork: Front cover will be a print of a new oil painting, commissioned for this release that features the likeness of Karen and Richard somewhere, but paints a scene from the song "Prime Time Love". The inside gatefold of the Vinyl and under the CD/DVD tray will have the yellow/white photo from Reminiscing, with the titles on each side (kind of like the 1985 Yesterday Once More LP). The back cover will feature the Phoenix shirt picture from the 1984 Yesterday Once More record.

One note about the DualDisc is that it will offer all the tracks remixed into DTS 5.1 on the DVD side; the CD side will have non-HDCD PCM versions. The stand-alone CD will be encoded in the 24-bit HDCD format.

So with that set aside, lets get to Disc 1

CD/DualDisc 1
Vinyl Side 1

Prime Time Love
You're Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore
Don't Try To Win Me Back
Leave Yesterday Behind
(Want You) Back In My Life Again
Remember When Loving Took All Night
The Rainbow Connection

Vinyl Side 2

Say Yeah!
My Body Keeps Changing My Mind (1991 Remix)
Who Do You Love?
Beechwood 4-5789
I've Got Rhythm
You're Just In Love

CD/Dual Disc 2
Vinyl Side 3

Dancing In The Street
I Kept On Loving You
Touch Me When We're Dancing
Slow Dance
Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again
Baby It's You (RPO version)

Vinyl Side 4

Making Love In The Afternoon (record new backing track to make it an upbeat dance track without the disco elements)
Jimmy Mack (use Karen's vocal track, record new backing instruments)
Kiss Me The Way You Did Last Night
You're Enough
Sailing On The Tide
All You Get From Love Is A Love Song
California Dreamin'

CD/DualDisc 3

Vinyl Side 5

Sweet, Sweet Smile
I Won't Last A Day Without You (re-record the backing track, and give it a more punchy feeling)
Jambalaya (On the Bayou) (re-record the piano into stereo)
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Can't Smile Without You (74-78 version)

Vinyl Side 6

There's A Kind of Hush (All Over The World) (remix it, so that it's got more of a dance beat to it, maybe re-record the drums to give it the bigger punch)
Fun, Fun, Fun
Heather (re-record Richard's piano in stereo to get rid of the "dated" sound)
Book of Love
Johnny B. Good
Johnny Angel (studio version)
Daddy's Home
Little Honda
I'm Still Not Over You

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Really enjoy reading these, appreciate the thought and effort put into this - though I suspect it was a "labor of love" as they say :).

I agree with many of the choices and options, including packaging ideas.
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