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No RC Concert at the Carpenter center this year

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They have posted the season for the Carpenters Center at CSULB and there is no Richard Carpenter concert on the schedule. (Drats!) I was hoping that with the new album, he would do a Christmas concert at the center. He has only done one solo Christmas concert. It was in the late 80's with the Garden Grove Symphony. He is hosting a "Signiture series" at the Carpenter with Roberta Flack, George Shearing, and Kathy Matea.
Maybe we can hope for another venue with a "Carpenters Christmas"



CPAC have just announced this early calandar for 2002/2003 season.

David Alley (RC's manager) did confirm that further concerts were being considered for late 2002 and early 2003 , but first the RC solo Album and Carpenters Albums had to be finalised.

Keep checking the CPAC site for updates, Further concerts will be added.

Hopefully RC will consider a 2003 Tour for USA , UK , Europe etc.

Peter...looking forward to future RC concerts...... :) :)
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