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Nonexistent Carpenters songs that you can just hear

John Adam

"Two Lives"
I just heard the duet, Something’s Missing In My Life, by Paul Jabara & Donna Summer. He’s not a great singer, but decent song writer. He starts the song out very mellow and subdued, often a little flat. Then Donna comes in and sings it at full voice. Totally overwhelmingly so. It ruins the song. Unfortunately Karen’s unreleased version, a much better interpretation, hasn’t been cleaned up and cleared for an official release, is far superior. I hope those 9 missing tracks see an official remixed or cleaned up release before Richard retires completely.


Someone said that time would ease the pain...
I was listening to Bette Midler's 1990 album "Some People's Lives" this morning and the final song "The gift of love" reminded me of this old thread. Suddenly I could hear Karen singing the song and it gave me a strong "Made in America" vibe, if you know what I mean.
The song was written by the same team responsible for the Bangles' smash "Eternal flame": Billy Steinberg, Tom Kelly and Susanna Hoffs. I first heard it on Norwegian superstar Sissel Kyrkjebø's album "Gift of Love" (1992). I'm including both versions here.

One of my favorites from that album is "Since You Stayed Here." Only recently I discovered Dionne Warwick sang it all the way back in 1977. I can hear Karen singing this, too. The wistfulness Bette gives to the final line; Karen would have nailed it.

He Was Too Good for Me / Since You Stayed Here
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