Norman Gimbel R.I.P.

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    This late great lyricist is most famous for writing the English lyrics to the classic "The Girl From Ipanema." He wrote the English lyrics for numerous Brazilian songs in the 1960s, almost too many to count. For French cinema he wrote the words to the songs "Watch What Happens" and "I Will Wait For You." A true loss in the musical world. I know it is a cliche, but when we lose people of this high caliber, it's an end of an era and we will never see their likes again.
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    Here is a mind-boggling list of Brazilian songs that Norman Gimbel wrote the English lyrics to:
    Recorded by Brasil 66: Chove Chuva, Slow Hot Wind, Agua de Beber (Water to Drink), Watch What Happens, For Me, Tristeza (Goodbye Sadness), Laia Ladaia (Reza).
    Recorded by Bossa Rio: With Your Love Now, Boa Palavra (Today, Tomorrow)
    Recorded by The Sandpipers: Let Go (Canto de Ossanha)
    And the following recorded by many other singers and musicians: How Insensitive, Meditation, So Nice (Summer Samba), Sweet Happy Life (Samba de Orfeu), Song of the Sabia, Telephone Song, Take Me to Aruanda, Non-Stop to Brazil, Jazz & Samba, Ho Ba La La.

    He also wrote the lyrics to these non-Brazilians songs: Killing Me Softly With His Song, I Got a Name, Sway, Canadian Sunset, Bluesette.
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    He co wrote the TV theme song "The Bugaloos" with Charles Fox (Sid & Marty Krofft NBC Saturday morning show from September 1970 - 1972)!! Matt Clark Sanford, MI
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    He also co-wrote with Charles Fox the nifty theme for the ABC TV series "Love American Style" which aired from 1969-1973.
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    Don't forget LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY's theme too.
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    Here is a classic song written by Marcos Valle (music) and his brother Paulo Sergio Valle (Portuguese lyrics) with English lyrics by Norman Gimbel and a wonderful vocal by Astrud Gilberto.

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    Here is a beautiful song from 1967 "Live For Life" sung by Jack Jones. Music by Francis Lai and lyrics by Norman Gimbel. Note the powerful words by Gimbel: "Yesterday's a memory, gone for good, forever, while tomorrow is a guess, what is real is what is here and now, the here and now is all that we possess."

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    A master craftsman in the world of music, Norman Gimbel's passing is a sad one. Many of his best melodies and lyrics have stood the test of time. Our lives have been richer with Norman Gimbel having been here on earth.

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