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North on South StreetRevisited

Sinatra Fan in KC

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This album came out while I was in undergraduate school, and I bought it on cassette, knowing I could play it while studying.

Honestly, I didn’t finish it on first playing. Decided right away I didn’t like it. The cassette has thirty years of dust.

A few years ago I bought the cd for completeness. Don’t know why, but yesterday felt compelled to play it.

I’ve now played it six times.

In hindsight it’s so clear Herb as always had his fingers on the carotid pulse of music. With this album maybe a little ahead.
I still have my vintage A&M CD of this album when I first heard it I knew he was ahead of his time in the material he covered but sadly very few people noticed or even seemed to care at that point but nevertheless it's a Good album and there are a few standout songs that were instant favorites and still are to this day.
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