OFFICIAL Herb Alpert/TJB Release News

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To bring closure to much conjecture, misinformation and anxiety, please follow this discussion for the latest information about the Tijuana Brass and Herb Alpert reissues.


The only official word we can offer at this time, which supersedes and clarifies information that has been previously posted:

1) The titles will be released when they are ready. Whether that's tomorrow or in several months, that is beyond our control. Current plans are for one single release date for all titles, on CD and vinyl, once the product is manufactured and ready to ship.

2) Due to the target market for these releases (younger generations who have never experienced these albums before), the albums are being reissued as originally released--original tracks, original cover art. No custom packaging, no bonus tracks, no mono versions or alternate mixes, no liner notes (beyond the original LP packaging) and no box sets.

3) Due to lack of popularity, further releases likely may not happen. Be thankful for the selection being offered today. If anything comes along in future years, consider it a bonus. Keep in mind that any title not in this current batch of reissues already has been reissued in digital form on compact disc, so, copies are out there (if you are able to find them).

4) Herb Alpert Presents remains the only official releasing label for all future product. This is more of a "buyer beware" to avoid the growing number of unofficial and unauthorized releases that are flooding the market for all artists, not just Herb. If you are in doubt about any title, please ask here in the forum.

5) When we do get official word, and see preorders available for these titles, we will officially announce it here and provide links to some of the top sources to purchase these from.

Please keep in mind that as much as anyone wants to wish, beg, microanalyze, nitpick or second guess what is released on these remasters, none of that is relevant. The restoration work is done, the mastering work completed, and the product is already out in the market as downloads and for streaming. Physical product is only an extension of that finished project. The music released on physical product is exactly same as what is available today, digitally. It is what it is.

If any of our readers can't wait to hear the new masterings, the downloads are out there today for the taking, through many sources. Play them from a USB stick or burn them to CD, and enjoy.

For the sound closest to the original master tapes, the high-resolution downloads (available from Acoustic Sounds and HDTracks) are the definitive digital versions available today. You will not find better sounding releases of Herb Alpert's recordings than through high-res downloads. Keep in mind that with the right CD burning software, these can be easily downsampled and burned to CD for playback today.

Thank you for your patience. And, watch this thread for any official updates as we receive them.
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