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Olivia Newton-John 73 passed away


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I expected it but still I’m shocked and saddened by it. She was in my top 10 favorites! Loved her vocal tone.


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Very sad news, another beautiful soul has left us but left behind a legacy and memories to always cherish.RIP Olivia


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Can't believe this..... I was just reading an article about her saying how she felt Karen and John Denver's spirits were with her whenever she performed on stage helping guide her. So sad, my eyes are tearing up. Another recording artist from my youth is now gone. :'(


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One of the most tuneful singers who's ever lived. She just never hit a sour note Lovely voice and seemingly a lovely person who's been through a lot for many years. Glad she can finally rest now. Thanks, Olivia. We truly had a blast!


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Sad that Olivia has died. She was a good person, I think.... Trees for Life, Wellness Centre, works for children, to name a few causes that she toiled for ... And don't let that sweet persona fool you. Tough, I suspect. Tough from the beginning to the end. A life well lived, I believe.

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I bet a state funeral will be offered, if Olivia is buried in Australia. (Might be buried in the US). A nine-minute tribute was on the news this evening.


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It is with heavy heart that I express my shock at the news (given to me by a great friend I met here) of Olivia's passing, as well as gratitude and admiration to this beautiful, gracious, and talented woman. I am not surprised that Rick-An Ordinary Fool is the thread starter here, as his allegiance to Olivia is well known to members at the Corner. I offer my condolences to Rick, in particular, as well as to Olivia's countless fans here and throughout the world.

Olivia's voice was amazing, her ability to reinvent herself throughout her career unparalleled, her reported positive outlook and eternal sweetness inspirational, her loss a gut punch. As a great friend pointed out to me, Olivia and Karen have resumed their friendship in heaven and they are each looking down on us, no doubt, with a sweet, sweet smile...


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She was my first musical love. Carpenters came a little later. I was thrilled to know her and Karen were friends. I have everything of Oliva's from official to fan mixes to live recordings etc. All started with my moms Totally Hot cassette. Must have been about 4. Took it everywhere and wore out a bunch of copies. Even once my dad had to replace the cassette shell to try and save one. All my memories collecting her stuff and having fun searching. I'm going to have a hard time knowing shes gone. She was my first real musical idol. I wanna say thank you to her even though shes gone. Thank you Olivia for the music and memories. RIP sweet angel. <3
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