One&Done @ A&M: Chuck Trois & The National Bank / (s/t) -- SP 4201


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  • Released in 1969


As was the case last week, am unable to locate the full LP on YouTube; below are three selections.


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Also Blood, Sweat & Tears also covered "40,000 Headmen" (from 1970 "3") which begins & ends with a music box!!


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Prior to his A&M stint Chuck Trois was part of the Soul Survivors, best known for their 1967 hit "Expressway to Your Heart." He did some solo non-album singles for the label in 1969-70. Much later he moved to the San Antonio TX area and became an art museum operator. In August I shared an article here about his enterprise and its financial difficulties. The story's a few years old. I have not seen an update but hope the issues have been resolved favorably.



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Definitely has that '69/'70 David Clayton Thomas thing going -- like a mashup of Chicago Transit Authority (sides 2 and 3) and BS&T (s/t and 3). I'm guessing the horns (which appear to be scored as 3 trumpets (40,000 Headsmen) or 2 trumpets + 1 trombone (Gypsy); I don't hear any saxes) are not part of the pictured band. You've got six guys: I'm guessing Charles is the singer who most likely plays the microphone; therefore the quintet is most likely guitars (2); organ; elecrtic bass guitar; drum kit. I wonder whose playing the trumpet solo on 40,000 Headmen? For someone who I'm guessing is not in the band -- and not credited on the LP -- he sure was given a lot of solo space on the vamp.

Then there's the Pete Townshend looking guy...
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