One&Done @ A&M: John Braden / (self-titled) -- SP 4172


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  • Released in 1969


Am unable to locate the full LP; nevertheless, there are these two selections...



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Apparently John appeared 4 nights in a row at the Drinking Gourd in San Francisco that year (opening night on March 20, 1969, according to the S.F. Examiner from that date).

A few months later he also appeared at Ungano's in NYC and here's what the Chicago Tribune wrote about it (and his A&M album) :

Chicago Tribune clipping, June 29, 1969


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There were a total of three selections from Braden's A&M LP out in YouTube land. I listened to all three. While I appreciate the overall musicianship, I am simply not capable of warming to that kind of high-pitched male voice. (The YouTuber poster even went so far as to liken Braden's voice to that of Tiny Tim's.šŸ™„)


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I actually found a total of five selections from his 1969 LP on YT. Here are links to the other 3 (besides the two you already posted), should you feel curious enough :

Delancey Street
Carriage House Song
Ribbons Of Friendship

The only ad that I could find in a newspaper was in the L.A. Times of March 30, 1969. A 2-page ad for the Two Guys Discount Department Stores "Grand Opening Specials On Stereo Tapes And Records!". Nearly all LPs (with tiny pics) were tagged "Your choice - 2.49 ea.".
In the A&M section you could

The Flying Burrito Brothers - new smash, "Gilded Palace of Sin"
Baja Marimba Band - featuring "Those Were the Days"
Alan Copeland Singers - featuring "If Love Comes with It"
Paul Winter - "The Winter Consort"
John Braden - remember you heard his name on A & M records

I can't deny sharing your feelings towards that kind of high-pitched male voice, especially with a lot of fast vibrato involved šŸ™ƒ
I must say, that the songs themselves are not bad at all. I also noticed that Ry Cooder played guitar on two of the tracks. Would have been nice if someone like Rick Nelson would have sung them, or John Denver, or maybe a member of the Mamas & Papas...

Mr Bill

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And there's that "Phil Ochs 'fake' vibrato"... That aside, I kind of enjoyed these cuts. He's not singing as high as Chris Montez, so that's something! Another one to seek out!

--Mr Bill
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