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One more track with Richard and the Royal Philharmonic ... Pick only one!


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Crescent Noon, probably. The original version is astounding and perfect, but I’d love to hear it with a new coat of paint.


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Well, out of the entire RPO project, thus far, my favorite is the bonus track: Please Mr. Postman.
Thus, my logical choice for another is....Beechwood 4-5789....wouldn't that be different ?
Otherwise, I do not care for any more tinkering with their catalogue....sorry.


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Those Good Old Dreams. . .and maybe if there is an inevitable xmas 50th compilation release this will be included as a bonus.

Simon KC1950

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I'm gonna pluck for a lesser known one.... "One More Time"

It's a non-intrusive arrangement anyway to showcase Karen but I think gently adding the RPO would give it a lift and give it some well deserved credit because it is an absolute gem


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I already voted for You, but would also love I’m Caught Between Goodbye and I Love You to get a remix, country or RPO.


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A total remake in the arrangement of
Rainbow Connection.
Go all out with the orchestra and new arrangement, please.


I Know My First Name Is Stephen
All these months later I’ve had time to reflect on this album and how the RPO was used and I wouldn’t pick any because the difference would be virtually inaudible anyway.

Carpe diem

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I'm really going to go out on a limb here...Issue the "Magic Lamp" 45 on hot pink vinyl. The only change to the label will be "Karen Carpenter with the RPO". It will contain Richard's remix and the full RPO treatment of Looking For Love/I'll Be Yours. Yes I know, "Magic Lamp" is de-funked, but UMG can make it happen! A special lithograph of the duo's high school senior yearbook pictures can accompany each order. Pre-orders only. Allow 52 weeks for delivery.

New Horizons.

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Thank you for the music. As yet unreleased.
Richard says Benny and Bjorn did the original definitive version but Richard could give it the RPO treatment and a chance to hear a new Karen lead.
I'm not sure some of my absolute personal favourites like You , Two sides or All you get from love is a love song would benefit from a new arrangement or slight tweaking.
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