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One more track with Richard and the Royal Philharmonic ... Pick only one!


I Know My First Name Is Stephen
A Song For You.

I was so disappointed it wasn’t on the album. It’s perfect for the RPO treatment.


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I'll give a vote for "You" as well. A favorite of many and it deserves to have a fresh mix and revisit.


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Crescent Noon, probably. The original version is astounding and perfect, but I’d love to hear it with a new coat of paint.


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Well, out of the entire RPO project, thus far, my favorite is the bonus track: Please Mr. Postman.
Thus, my logical choice for another is....Beechwood 4-5789....wouldn't that be different ?
Otherwise, I do not care for any more tinkering with their catalogue....sorry.


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Those Good Old Dreams. . .and maybe if there is an inevitable xmas 50th compilation release this will be included as a bonus.
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