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Other Female Singers

Another Son

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'Day by Day' from Godspell, by Colleen Hewett, was a big hit in Australia that is burned in my memory from my youth, (1971, Number 2 or Number 1 - depending which chart you look at). A boys' choir features strongly in this version, towards the end.

Some silly antics and voice-overs in the video - then again, the original film also had some silly moments.



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My favorite version of "Day By Day" is by Jackie & Roy on the CTi label from the early 70s. It starts out slow and gently. The about 2 minutes in, switches to a jazzy alternate-time-signature version, then just about fades out before it returns to the opening hymn-like arrangement.


Another Son

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Sally Oldfield - Mandala.

Mike’s sister really can sing, as well as write an interesting tune - and was maybe using the tubular bells and vibraphones before her little bro.....

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