• Two exciting new Carpenters releases are now available. The new book Carpenters: The Musical Legacy can be ordered here. A big thanks to the authors and Richard Carpenter for their tremendous effort in compiling this book! Also, the new solo piano album Richard Carpenter's Piano Songbook is available for ordering here.

Other Female Singers

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Singer Ruelle "I Get To Love You" (music video from March of 2016) This song ranks with Ed Sheeran "Thinking Out Loud" (music video from late 2014) Her songs are only available on Apple iTunes though (singles & EP's).


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It looks like Carpenters Legacy is going to perform in Thousand Oaks, Ca. in February 2023. I don’t know the venue or date. I was told they performed at the 50th Anniversary convention in 2019. I don’t care for her voice myself. It’s sounds country pop, and the phrasing is all wrong to my ears. I’m sure it will do well without me.
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