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Other singers infuenced by Karen Carpenter

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Hi All,
I was just wondering, about other singers that were influenced by Karen Carpenter. It's amazing now that it is so cool to admit that she was a great singer...personally, I have always admitted that Karen Carpenter was the BEST singer in the world. There is no one who can compete with her as a musical artist. She knew how to sing, and knew how it would sound. I think she was able to incorporate into a song, the feelings she saved within her self, for the song. That's an amazing talent.
I have heard rumors that many singers are fans of hers, but haven't read any actual article or interview where they say that she was an inspiration...Jann Arden, Shania Twain, Mandy Moore, Carnie Wilson, Sandi Patty and many others are very open in describing their admiration for Karen's talent. Any others...what about Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Heart etc...

My thoughts,
Cameron Longo
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I do not know the number of singers who she influenced, but enough to make her around number 32 on women of rock on VH-1, which was selected from current musicians on basis of influence.



Many singers Have Expressed Influences from Karen and Carpenters Music :D

Madonna , Shania Twain , KD Lang , Chrissie Hynde, Annie Lennox , Luther Vandross Amongst Many others :D

Richard Could Rearrange Carpenters Tracks ,( Not Just Singles & Hits) With these Singers and others on A Production Tribute Album in 2004 To Karen and Carpenters Sound / Vocals :D

Peter....Planning For 2004......
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