OUR DAY WILL COME: left channel audio clip from (my) vintage reel copy

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    I don't know how well it will translate from a "home brew" patch connection via my (mono) android phone:idea:, but...I just tried making a 56-second audio clip from my 1966 Ampex 7 1/2ips reel of S.R.O. (to see -hear- if there was such overwhelming, left channel bass distortion as everybody seems to think).
    While the whole S.R.O. album sounds "muddy" (*really* on MAME and -to a degree- on I WILL WAIT FOR YOU), the bass on ODWC doesn't sound like such an offender (to me, anyhow...whether through: AKG 'phones or classic A.R. speakers with 12" sealed-box woofers).
    Whichever safety-dub A&M must've sent out to Ampex 52 years-ago...I can, also, say that: the separation is very distinct and there is no leakage of all the left channel mud into the right (the isolated separation of tape was always one characteristic vinyl could never match).
    The blip at :33 is when I cut to the bridge of the song (the next loudest part which would reveal any bass anomolies). This copy isn't spliced.
  2. You can hear the distortion here:

  3. KentTeffeteller

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    The 4 track tape I have of this album has some overload distortion (7 1/2 IPS, 1/4 track Ampex duplication). The LP does not have this issue mono or Stereo.
  4. Shane

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    That clip Harry posted is distorted and nasty. The original LP is not this way to my ears. That tape must have degraded over the years.

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