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Before asking my question, I feel the need to tell my life story. After rediscovering the TJB records, I eagerly combed YouTube in search of more such music. One obvious group to check was the Baja Marimba Band. I liked some of their songs, but couldn't find the album The Baja Marimba Band's Back.

I also liked certain Ti-wannabes. For instance, Koldwink (whom you may know for posting TJB stuff, among much other music) posted the album Mexico Party 2 by Los Tijuana Mariachis. I loved it, but couldn't find the first Mexico Party album. Similarly, someone posted the first two songs of the album Tijuana Party (also released as Mexican Hat Dance and Other Latin Favourites) by Stan Hope and the A-Banda Brass. I would love to hear the rest of the album.

So I searched for these three albums, not only on YouTube, but also on Vimeo and Soundcloud. I searched the digital music for sale on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. I had no luck.

Last week, on Black Friday, I happened to get a good deal on a turntable (which would make another long story in itself). Next year (because certain life matters would interfere during the rest of this year) I hope to order those three rare records and copy them to a digital format. And here's the point: I would want to post them on YouTube. And it would be nice if I could point them out to all of you on this site.

My question is: how do people on these boards feel about this? Would anyone care? Would anyone be interested in hearing those albums? Would people feel - as I do - that I'd be performing a public service by giving the world access to these records? Or would people - most notably the administrator, moderators, and the like - find my actions reprehensible on the grounds that they're immoral or illegal? (If this post gets deleted, I guess I'll have my answer! :) )

In case it's relevant, I should mention that I don't monetize on YouTube, and will not profit from these activities in any way.


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Some of us here at A&M Corner have put videos on YouTube which are essentially audio tracks. Some go to a lot of effort to add a video component too. There have been very few cases this far of anyone running into copyright violations that would result in anything severe. At most, YouTube might catch something and declare it unviewable worldwide.

As far as those Ti-wannabes, I don't think there are very many owners of the copyrights to those entities that would really care if they were posted on YouTube. The best way to find out is to try.

As for tracking down those albums, a good source would be Discogs. They have a listing for that MEXICO PARTY album you listed, and someone is selling a copy for $1.01. Los Tijuana Mariachis - Mexico Party

I suspect that you'll probably find the others you're looking for there too.

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Wow. You know, I've long used Discogs as a source of information about old records, as I perused that music on YouTube. And yeah, in the distant past, I noticed that people sell old records through Discogs, but I thought it an academic point at the time; I didn't think I'd actually get a phonograph. So I forgot all about that. Thanks for the idea; maybe I'll order from Discogs next year.

Hmm... I notice that most offers are given in euros. I've never ordered anything under such conditions; I wonder if I can use my U.S. currency for it with no complication. Well, I suppose I could post the question on Discogs when the time comes. I do see all the records I want offered by a FEW sellers for U.S. currency, anyway.


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I'd say maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of the recordings I look for are available in non-US currencies. Some will ship worldwide, and PayPal handles the currency conversion. But I have lucked out in that I've found much of what I'm looking for from US sellers and haven't had to buy anything outside the US as of yet.
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