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Hello, I would like to post a few photos in the Carpenter's 50th thread. Can you please direct me to the procedure again. I believe Harry posted it a while ago, but I don't know the exact thread it was in. Appreciate it!


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I've been doing it through Imgur. The New Post button in the upper left gets you started:


This begins the upload process:


Once you upload, you'll see the image. Hover over the area just beneath the title field so you can see the Copy dialog:


If you click or tap "Copy," that will copy the image link to your clipboard.

On our toolbar:



Paste in the URL and it will show up in your post wherever your cursor is located.

Optionally, you can type in the BBCode link manually:


...and it will do the same.

It's best to create a free Imgur account--you can then later reuse photos you have already uploaded, or delete them.
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