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    Several members over the years have contacted me to talk about a feature of the forum called Profile Posts.

    Every member has a space that they can use, exterior to forums, for posting personal doings, updates on their lives, health matters, family changes, what they are planning for dinner - all sorts of non-forum related material.

    These posts - on your profile - can be set to your preferences.
    - When YOU yourself posts on that page, it can be set to be read by "All Visitors", "Members Only", or "People that follow you."
    - You can allow others to post on your page - or not - or you can choose "Members Only", or "People Who Follow You."

    These parameters are set in the "Privacy" function that you can get to by clicking on your name in the upper right.

    Many have confused "Profile Posts" with "Private Conversations" and may have stuff on their Profile pages that they might not want out there. I suggest that everyone check their Profile Page to verify that any stuff out there is what you want. If not, you can delete them or set them the way you want them.

    When this topic came up a couple of years ago, site-owner Rudy wrote this about "Profile Posts":

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