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Question about the song "Thank you for the Music"

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Hi everyone.
I am new here as of today-but not to the Carpenters! I have been a fan now for about 5 years. I have a question to ask, hopefully it hasn't been asked before so here it goes:

Could"thank you for the music be released? i heard from Donald(from goofus site) that Johnny Carson destroyed all the tapes from his show..and whatever the carpenters recorded for their proposed 1978 album, is probably incomplete.. can anyone tell me if Thank you for the music can be releasable?

Thank you!
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Hi welcome to the forum.

I have heard this song but it's been awhile. I always wondered why they chose this song to sing on the tonight show. Of all there songs & new ones they could have had in the bucket, why did they do this one?

The version I heard I really didn't care for. Much prefer Abba's version.

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"Thank you for the music" will probably never be released.During the massive recording sessions for CHRISTMAS PORTRAIT in 1978,Karen and Richard were recording individual tracks on and off for a tentative new album in Spring 1979.Some of those tracks utilized a full orchestra,and the rest were just regular pop songs.K&R recorded "Thank you for the music" during those sessions,and then decided to use it for their appearance on the Johnny Carson show.But, like so many other tracks sitting in the vaults,they ultimately decided the song wasn't worthy of release."Thank you for the music" is basically a forgettable pop song,and doesn't measure up to the orchestral torch songs recorded during the same sessions:"Look To Your Dreams","Where Do I Go From Here","Little Girl Blue","When I Fall In Love" and "I Believe You".(These tracks were all intended for that 1979 album.)


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I remember hearing from a source in the mid 80's that Thank You For the Music was slated for single release, recorded, and singles were set for distribution, but was held for the new chosen song I Believe You. Although I love the song, and Karen's vocals, the overdubbs make the song seem a fantasy and not a reality. I feel that different singers should have been used on backup as on All You Get From Love. In those days, things were only word of mouth, since the internet was not yet around and it took close relations from close sources to get any information, but I do not know if this information got to me misinterpreted and I do not know of its validity. Take it for what it is worth...if anything.

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