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Wasn't $100,000 the cost to produce the album ?
So, the shredded money in the cube with logo "Made In America" represents the album.
In effect, saying, this is what $100,000 gets you--the album, "Made In America."


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Well, the cost better fit what was left off the album and released through the years cause most of what was selected for Made In America isn’t even worth pennies.

Chris May

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Oh my gosh, Chris! THANK YOU for these photos of K&R recording one of my most beloved albums ever. Do you know what day they began recording (Postman aside)?
Hey Mark! I was going through my notes today and realized that I'd overlooked it when you asked me when Horizon got underway as far as the recording. I'd forgotten, as they actually started in early September of '74, with the first two tracks being "Love Me For What I Am" and "Sailing on the Tide."

Sorry about that :razz:


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Chris May, I see where drum-duties for Sailing On The Tide were by Ed Greene, which is why I never thought the song
had gotten recorded in any manner in 1974, let alone September of that year. Also, Synthesizer programmed by Shaun Furlong.
I suppose, what I am trying to uncover is, how far along did the duo get with the song in 1974 ?
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