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  1. KentTeffeteller

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    A note: The Best Of Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass A&M Dee-Jay Sampler does exist in Stereo. I own the Stereo version and it is true Stereo with the Stereo LP versions. I have the Mono "Beat Of The Brass" stock LP, paid $1 for my near mint copy, the only one I've ever seen in the wild.
  2. Harry

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    Yep. I have both the mono and stereo DEE JAY SAMPLER, and a mono BEAT OF THE BRASS. Many dedicated mono mixes on both.
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  3. I had the Stereo DJ sampler back in the day.

    Also, had the original "Offering" cover. However, the LP inside was "Ticket to ride".
  4. KentTeffeteller

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    That "Offering" cover with the "Ticket To Ride" LP may be a transitional copy. Some "Offering" covers they were using up, then the LP was retitled, and they ran out of records at the pressing plant. So you got a "Ticket To Ride" LP inside. Happens sometimes on occasion.
  5. Michael Hagerty

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    You'd think it would be pretty straightforward---"How many LPs are we pressing? That's how many jackets we need."
  6. Harry

    Harry Charter A&M Corner Member Moderator

    My suspicions are that somewhere along the line, someone found an OFFERING cover without the LP, and they shoved a TICKET TO RIDE LP inside.

    Unless it was found sealed, this is the most likely scenario.
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