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Re: Karen Carpenter: Rejuvinated (?)

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Hi everyone..

My friend Mike has been reading various places online that mention that Richard might release the other half of Karens solo album.

I was wondering what do you think the name of the album should be?

Mike choose the title Karen Carpenter:Rejuvinated.. and i have some others in my head right now but i was just curious to what you all think the best name of the possible future album of Karens unreleased recordings. I would recommend you all write Richard and offer him a title of it and encourage him to release it. Hopefully with better sound and a bonus track.
Thanks everyone! Mike wanted me to post this too see what you all think.

<3 KC :goodie: PIG

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Hi Kimberly,

Exactly where is this online where your friend has read this? I'd be curious to know. Is this straight from a statement of Richard? Or is this just talk between fans?

Personally, I still have my doubts that the remainder of the songs will ever be released. What I would like to know is "who" leaked these in the first place. That is the interesting part.

Regarding a title, I don't think a fancy title will do much as far as sales are concerned. I'd be happy with plain ole Karen Carpenter.We might see 1 or 2 of these unreleased tracks on future Carpenter CD's or Box sets planed but I don't think all 9 will ever be officially released by Richard.

...thankful I have all the unreleased solo tracks, online...
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