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Resurgence of Video/Song reaction to Carpenters Songs....


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Hi All,
So I go on youtube quite often and the Carpenters have gotten a lot of song reactions....but mainly it's the same ones....

Close To You
We've Only Just Begun
Rainy Days and Mondays
Only Yesterday
Yesterday Once More

the LIVE and VIDEO performances....

I always try to suggest the other gems, Solitaire, Trying To Get The Feeling Again, One More Time, Boat To Sail, Another Song, Crescent Noon, I'll Never Fall In Love Again, Those Good Old Dreams, All You Get From Love Is A Love Song, Eve, Someday, Music Music Music 1980 medley.....

The funniest reaction is to Rainy Days and Mondays when they find out she was a drummer if they did not know it already.....One guy was almost in tears after watching SOLITAIRE and another girl cried watching a video where Karen was drumming....she was crying at the amount of talent Karen had, and she loved her voice already....I guess people don't really understand how popular Karen and Richard WERE during the 1970's and internationally.....

I've even tried to tell them about her solo album and some of the goodies in that collection....but so far no one has reviewed her album or songs from then...but it will happen....

I just think it's amazing how much these young people are delighted with the voice, harmonies, arrangements, musicianship etc of the Carpenters and their band (for concerts)

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