• Two exciting new Carpenters releases are in the pipeline! The new book Carpenters: The Musical Legacy will be available on November 16, 2021 and can be ordered here. A big thanks to the authors and Richard Carpenter for their tremendous effort in compiling this book! Also, the new solo piano album Richard Carpenter's Piano Songbook is being released January 14, 2022, and is available for ordering here.

šŸ“£ News Richard appears on CBS Mornings (11/18)


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^^Murray, maybe try this link, CBS has posted it:


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^^Murray, maybe try this link, CBS has posted it:
It works! Thanks Gary!!

Another Son

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^^Murray, maybe try this link, CBS has posted it:
Thanks for posting this, Gary. This one, I was able to view.

This story is edited really well. They managed to include eight or nine of Carpentersā€™ best-known songs and mainly focused on Karenā€™s lower register, so that viewers would have been taken all over again by the unique quality of her voice and her warmth. Everybody would be being reminded that thereā€™s been no voice in the last fifty years like hers.

Also, Richard came across very well and, yes, it was touching when he spoke about Karen.

If this show is seen right across the country, you can see why Carpentersā€™ music is jumping back into the charts right now.

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That interview was fantastic! Loved it. Both Richard and interviewer Anthony Mason did a great job. Total class.

Don Malcolm

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One very minor quibble: the only flaw in an otherwise perfect segment was that they didn't emphasize the book sufficiently--but, then again, this was a big, big "baby step" toward that, for reasons stated so well by Another Son. I think the other commentators did a fine job of suggesting that Carpenters music is just what people need for "comfort and joy" (even with some copious shadings of melancholy) in these parlous times. The segments at the piano were simply genius!

I think it's remarkable that both Richard and Brian Wilson are returning to the limelight at this very moment: two masterful purveyors of beautiful, multi-layered music wrapped in harmonies, both with compelling personal stories and legacies now building toward permanent recognition as top-echelon timeless greats--and both men have new solo piano collections being released at nearly the same time. What a wonderful, fortuitous coincidence!

Brian has a film out right now, but the new Carpenters book is a grand slam homer and will do more to restore them to where they belong than anything we've seen in a long, long time. Congrats on a job brilliantly done by Mike and Chris and Richard!

Mike Cidoni Lennox

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I enjoyed it very much. So great to see him talk about his passion, and his sister. This was more or less about the new book. Will there be a part 2 about the new album later?
Chris and I were there for the interview, and I don't think Anthony even mentioned the new album in his questions for CBS. So ... very likely "No" on a Part Deux.

However ... Richard has been hard at work promoting the new album -- primarily via print and radio outlets, while the book got a substantially bigger push with video press. And the book publicity will continue through Christmas, with some mega text and radio outlets -- and one major U.S. TV network -- yet to run their stories. So, it ain't over. Although the tide of of press for "Legacy" will ebb considerably now. I hope you enjoyed sailing on it this last month as much as Chris and I have.


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Unfortunately I can't see this. I'm in the Uk. Tried using a VPN but still no joy. Any suggestions?


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But it actually works if you try this. I'm using the Chrome browser and click on that link. It gives you a message about not being available.

Another video will pop up. Click on the back arrow of the browser and the Richard Carpenter video plays from "MSN". Do it quickly - no telling how long THIS will work.

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