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Richard Carpenter Christmas music after 1983


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Thought I would put these songs in one place. But, I would love to hear more of Richard's Christmas music.
(1) Home For the Holidays, Richard Carpenter performance USA 1984.
(2) December Morn, Seiko Matsuda recording of Carpenter composition.
(3) Christmas Turned Blue, Seiko Matsuda recording of Carpenter composition.
(4) Together at Christmas Again, Richard Carpenter composition and performance in Japan.
Together at Christmas Again - Richard Carpenter

Matty Mattel

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Wow! That's the best I've EVER heard Richard SOLO. Well done Richard. What a treat to hear some new Carpenter compositions. I would have loved to hear Karen's renditions of them as well. My favorite new song was "December Morn". It would be perfect for a Christmas Movie Soundtrack.
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